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My creative journey started in my youth as I learned the power of art and its great ability in telling stories. My heart and soul are revealed through my celebration of paintings and mixed-media creations.

You can tell when someone has given their heart and soul to something they love. My creative studies have taken me from Art Center College where I studied illustration; Hawaii to study painting with Eva and Americo Makk; to Florence, Italy where I was a student of Studio Art Centers International (SACI); with Joseph Shepherd and Madam Simi, also in Italy; and to California where I studied with Theodore Lukitz. I have since created over 200 murals and numerous original paintings. Collectors continue to enjoy and add my previous and current artworks to their collections.

Art has centered me.

When I am in the act of creation it makes me feel like I am in the most perfect place in the world. A place where head, heart, soul, and hand connect in an elegant and expressive experience of living in the moment.

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