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Beti Kristof

Beti Kristof. Author, Artist

The magic is in the illustration of an idea or a dream which then often becomes the catalyst for something beyond expectation. Connecting with the viewer through my art and creating something personal that tells a story and is my greatest joy and the reason I create.

Taking risks is oxygen to the creative method. The in-between of what you know now, and then taking a deep breath before embarking on the uncharted imagination of discovery – is the process. You can muse about it, read a library of books about it, blog about it, theorize and agonize, but nothing about it can replace doing it. It is in the embracing of the ambiguity, experimenting with notions and mastery of materials through hands-on experience that develops the work ethic of the creative process.

You can recognize when a person has given their heart and soul to something they love, it is written all over their lives. Passion drives the desire to express one’s dreams and ideas, dedication and perseverance make it a reality.

Creative studies have been a lifelong journey starting with Art Center College of Design. Moving to Hawaii, I studied at the University of Hawaii and apprenticed with world-class master artists, Eva and Americo Makk. Florence, Italy was my next adventure as a student of art with Studio Art Centers International (SACI; New York-based art program) as well as numerous private studios of published and noted Florentine art teachers. In California, as a student of Lukitz Academy of Fine Arts,  I studied with celebrated Plein Air master artist, Theodore Lukitz. My work includes over 200 murals, hundreds of original paintings and commissions. I have also been a teacher of the art of painting, exhibited in galleries, private showings, and fundraising events. My work is in private collections as well as public and corporate installations.

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