Art Marketing Mastery Workshop

by Barney Davey

Sell More Art | Make More Money | Own Your Distribution | Control Your Career

Discover Art Career Success ♦ Effective Art Marketing Advice

Artists, you deserve the opportunity to enjoy a fruitful life making beautiful art.

If you wish for useful art marketing advice and to learn successful tips and tools to help your art business, you came to the right website. Barney Davey’s course was created to help you learn how to sell more art, make more money and get control of your fine art career.

Do You Desire a Prosperous, Fulfilled Career?

You work to make constant improvements to your art skills, right? Of course, you do. Now it’s time to put equal effort into marketing your art. Making art and marketing art represent the two sides of a successful art career. As you gain mastery over each, you strike a happy balance that propels your career to prosperity.

Investigate the careers of artists whose careers you admire, if not envy. You will find they have a balance between working at making art and getting it to market. Balance is the key to their success.

Finding balance in making and marketing art promotes a virtuous growth cycle, which leads to increased awareness and even more sales.

As you achieve balance, you gain the added benefits of:

  • wider appreciation of your art

  • making more money

  • enjoying larger profit margins

  • controlling your career

  • discovering new opportunities related to your success

Strike a Happy Balance - Barney Davey

Barney Davey | Art Marketing | Art Career Advice

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A heads up… as they say, timing is everything, so act now and save. The price is going up on the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop from $47 to $67 per month on June 5th.