Speakers Beti Kristof and A.D. Cook at ArtExpo New York, April 20, 2018.

Our time in New York City was a mere 60 hrs., but we squeezed a lot in ~ certainly more than we expected, anyway. It’s not that we had any real expectations at all, aside from our mission at hand, the ArtExpo New York show at Pier 94.

A.D. & Beti on stage with Linda Mariano at ArtExpo New York

Click here to watch our full presentation video from ArtExpoNewYork. (58 mins.)

This trip was all about the art and artists. Our mission was to share our presentation, “Making the Internet Work for You” with fellow artists and attendees at the Education Pavillion on Friday morning, 10:30 AM sharp! For one hour, the stage was ours!

Beti and I spoke at ArtExpo Las Vegas back in late January at the World Market Center. That too was a great experience. New York though, was like our Las Vegas experience, but much much more.

The ArtExpo New York event is celebrating 40 years this year and has a great attendance, many who attend every year, with people coming from all over the world to see the art, network, and make sales. With 400 artists displaying thousands of artworks, this is an impressive show, attracting thousands of visitors.

We had a Fantastic Time at ArtEXPO New York 2018.

Miles of art at ArtExpo New York

Miles of art at ArtExpo New York

So, naturally, when we were offered the opportunity to present, we, Beti and I were excited to participate once again. We cover a lot of ground in our one-hour presentation, so we always encourage our audience to take notes. We prepare a great slow of over 50 graphics, covering topics from our DREAM > DO > LAUNCH > process from our book, DREAM TO LAUNCH. We also share resources and offer steps you can do to get online. Hey, the Internet is NOT going away, so if you want to get seen, you gotta be online. Our talk covers a wide variety of topics on how to do that, based our years of experiences on the Information Highway.

Fuego Butterfly Plush Pillow by artist Beti Kristof, exclusively at ESTArtDecor.com

Fuego Butterfly Plush Pillow by artist Beti Kristof, exclusively at ESTArtDecor.com

Our presentation also afforded us the opportunity to share ESTArtDecor.com and their story. Beti showcased her new plush pillow designs featuring butterflies and polka dots. Artist Judith Haron is the featured on the website and her drink coasters were well received.

We would have loved to share more, but EST Art & Decor has so many great designs, it would be impossible to show them all there. Visit their website see the entire collection.

A.D. & Beti ~ Making the internet work for us!

A.D. & Beti ~ Making the internet work for us!

We enjoyed a taking a fun selfie pic with the audience. Thanks to all joined us. As promised, if you were there, ping, pillow us, tag us – whatever you like and we’ll share you with our social media circles. Share us with yours. We share you with ours. That’s social media.

Congrats to our drawing winners… Two winners; Marc Weinstein and Terron Mitchell both received a free copy of our signed book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, and Debbrah Courtney won the EST Art & Decor Plush Pillow designed by Beti Kristof.

After our presentation, we strolled the show, experienced miles of artworks and took some time to meet and chat with some great artists. With about 4,000 artworks, the art at ArtExpo is so diverse that you can easily experience visual overload. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, glass art, mixed-media… anything you can imagine, all under one big roof.

 Beti Kristof and Linda Mariano, Managing Director of Marketing with Redwood Media Group

Mher Khachatryan, The Smoke Artist

We enjoyed meeting Mher Khachatryan, “The Smoke Artist”, and learning about his inspired paintings and processes. Visit him online at MherKhachatryan.com

A.D. Cook & Marc Lipp

We became fans of Marc Lipp’s larger-than-life airbrush artworks. We immediately were drawn to his art by his use of bold colors and the graffiti aspect of his imagery. His art is fun and well, we like fun art. Marc is represented by Blue Gallery.

A.D. Cook & Michael St. Mary

Artist Michael St. Mary’s sculptures are beautifully tactile. The Swiss design principles have been a strong influence in Michael’s sculpture, resulting in forms that have a harmonious balance between organized, unified structure and fluid movement. With his first show in 1989 at Hooks-Epstein Gallery in Houston, Michael’s sculptures are in private collections in the US and Europe.

“My sculptures often present a balance between geometric structure and organic fluidity, a pairing often seen in natural forms. I’ve created sculptures by using various mediums and methods, including cast metal or resin, fabricated steel with cement, and carved stone and wood. While I’m naturally drawn to the carving process, there are times when other materials and methods lend themselves better to a design’s creation.”

Check out his website at MichaelStMary.com

 Beti Kristof and Chad Daly

Show us the money. Chad Daly does cool sculptures from real money from all over the world. Visit Chad online at ChadDaly.com for more of his art.

 Beti Kristof and Dan from Blurb

Dan from Blurb was on-hand to share their capabilities. They specialize in producing beautiful books made by you, whether you want one or a thousand. Check them out at Blurb.com and on Twitter.com/BlurbBooks

You’d think we saw enough art… HA, never!

Saturday, we were invited to go gallery hopping at the Chelsea Art District, just a couple miles from our hotel. We’re avid walkers, so we welcomed the chance to experience the “Big Apple” at street level, and we saw some cool stuff – lots of cool stuff.

I’m also a huge fan of architecture, and New York has a beautifully eclectic style, where you’ll see century-old buildings next to super contemporary skyscrapers, and it works.

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Dream To Launch at DreamToLaunch.com

Making The Internet Work For You

It’s time to up your game and maximize your presence in today’s virtual world. Whether you are an accomplished designer, run a bustling gallery, or have an idea in startup mode, you won’t want to miss this seminar. Join internationally renowned master artist, A.D. Cook, and writer, Beti Kristof, as they take you on a journey from napkin sketch to online presence, including a focus on the importance of a functioning monetized website and utilizing social media for traffic and sales. Get it in gear and learn how to make the internet work most effectively for your business.

Who should attend: Designers, gallery owners, artists, consultants, and anyone who wants to be on top of their internet and social media game

Speakers: A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof / Dream to Launch

Location: Education Pavilion

For more information on our talk and other scheduled talks, visit ArtExpo online at ArtExpoNewYork.com/topics-trends

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Join us live April 20th, 10:30am – 11:30

711 12TH AVE
NEW YORK, NY 10019-5399

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APRIL 19-22, 2018

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