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Hi, I'm A.D. Cook, co-creator and site designer/manager/admin for DreamToLaunch.com. I'm also an artist, writer, and speaker. I've been designing for the Internet since 1995. Visit me at ADCookDesign.com for more information and check out my new book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, with co-creator Beti Kristof.


2018-10-14T20:01:14-07:00By |Business|

Check out our newest fun project > WURST Life, where we share the best of wurst sausages, beer, and the grillin' & chillin' lifestyle. The site is [...]


2018-06-01T09:23:40-07:00By |A.D. Cook|

You have an infinite imagination. You can dream, conceive, and believe, anything you desire. Like we said earlier, nothing happens until you imagine it. [...]

Infinity BizCon

2018-05-02T10:43:41-07:00By |A.D. Cook, Event|

The Infinity BizCon is Coming! Infinity BizCon is Coming! We're shouting it out because we're excited. Join us for a day filled with Motivation, Inspiration, and [...]


2018-04-13T10:00:37-07:00By |Inspiration|

I've always loved the idea of PRONOIA. Pronoia is the positive counterpart of paranoia. The concept that the whole world is conspiring to shower [...]

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