What a blast! That’s our first take on EVERMORE PARK in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

This place is epic! We should probably admit up front; we’re not gamers, so we weren’t up on the story of LORE or the VOID, the virtual reality 3-D experiences that lead up to, and inspired, EVERMORE.

As most great stories go, you don’t always know what the journey will bring until you’re in the story. In full disclosure, we weren’t sure really what to expect, so we went with no expectations. We just wanted to see this awesome creative world that we kept hearing about. In retrospect, I think if I had even expected more I would still be impressed. It doesn’t matter if you’re into gaming or whether you get the story or not. EVERMORE is cool, because it’s an experience for the kid in all of us, gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s unique, like nothing else. Evermore Park is a not a theme park. It’s a family-rich experience unto itself. That we get.

Be the first to experience EVERMORE… and the World of LORE.


This entirely new park is designed as an old-world, gothic-styled European village. Nestled among beautiful botanical gardens, visiting explorers will be transported to a place of discovery, imagination, and wonder. Evermore comes to life through theatrical performance, movie quality costuming, state of the art effects, and cutting-edge technologies.

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Evermore Park Teaser 2018


EVERMORE is the brainchild of Ken Bretschneider, Evermore’s Founder, CEO, and Chairman. Ken is also the Founder of The VOID, Lindon, Utah — Experience an immersive world using physical environments blended with virtual reality. Step beyond reality with your friends and family and into The VOID

It’s hyper-reality. It’s technical achievement. But mainly, it’s fun! THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience, full of surprises at every turn; with you, your family and friends inside the action. One second you’re standing on solid ground, the next you’re stepping deep into the darkness, looking at unimaginable beauty – or fending off danger from another realm.

Evermore is a real-life experience of a fantasy game world. At Evermore you’ll experience thrilling nights of Victorian-themed fantasy as you discover the darkness lurking within. Everything is brought to life by cutting-edge technology, state of the art visual effects, costumes and actors, the breakthrough of Evermore’s world of LORE forever shatters the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

As you stroll the eleven acres the grounds, you’ll interact with fantastic characters and exotic animals, like owls, parrots, horses, and snakes. There are witches and plenty of undead characters strolling the grounds.

EVERMORE is the brainchild of Ken Bretschneider, dreamer, designer, artist, storyteller, and visionary.

We learned that as an artist, Ken has wanted to build a park for a long time. We can tell, too, because a lot of creative thought and energy has gone into this project.

Countless details went into every inch of design and creation. As artists, both Beti and I were impressed with the details, from the rock walls and buildings, down to the long table of skeleton parts sitting on the witches table inside the hobbit home. And while the park is a work-in-progress, only the buildings and areas that are finished are finished beautifully.

The tavern is a great example, with its rustic feeling and colossal fireplace, you feel like you stepped back a few centuries. I was completely ready to do battle for a cold pint of ale (or two) with the local hunters. They looked pretty tough, gotta say. And, those guys walking around outside, we’re pretty sure they were well past dead – Zombie dead.

But it’s as much real as fantasy. Many things feel authentic because much of it is. Josh shared that fourteen shipping containers of antiques from Europe (mostly Paris and London) are integrated into the storyline and displayed throughout the property.

So, while the buildings are all created from mostly new materials, they’re also combined with a layer of authentic pieces pulled from history to create an all-new experience.

Not just a park – it’s a garden experience live theater park, and more.

“Evermore is a living experience park. It’s not a Theme Park. It has theme qualities, but it’s the first-ever living experience park. In other words, it’s a big stage, living theater park.”

— Josh Steadman

The actors totally emerge in their roles. It’s easy to just want to give yourself over to the experience. That’s the point – to engage with the characters and feel like you’re somewhere else, or at least disappear into the story they are telling.

It’s easy to just walk in and feel that you are in a whole different world. So much so that Beti felt like she was transported to “an old-world Europe with villages untouched by time.” It feels like you are going back in time – a surreal history of sorts.

It’s more than a walk in the park.

There is a certain energy about EVERMORE that can only be experienced by being there. It’s more than a walk in the park. We experienced ax throwing (I sucked at that, but Beti rocked it!), and archery, where I did as well as I hoped. It brought back some great memories of when I shot archery as a kid.

What they’ve done at Evermore so far is hugely impressive, but as they shared with us, there is a lot more coming. The whole property is about 22 acres. Half of that is for the experience, and the rest is parking and outside areas. We’re told that Evermore is about half complete, so it’ll be twice as awesome as it is now. More buildings, more experiences, more actors and exotic animals… more of everything! It’s gonna be cool. I can only imagine.

We’re looking forward to seeing everything when it matures, and the plants are grown over. With time, as they continue to build out the park, it’ll become even more realistic feeling.

“Creativity in its best form is a collaborative movement.”

— Josh

Be sure to enjoy our exclusive video for an inside look at the all-new Evermore Park and Beti’s interview with designer Josh Steadman at Evermore Creative Studios, where he shares some insight of the park’s plans as a unique vacation destination.

The tall gates of Evermore are now open… the magic truly begins.


382 South Evermore Lane, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Evermore® is located right off Exit 275 in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Click here for tickets ( https://tickets.evermore.com/tickets/buy )





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A.D. Cook, Beti, Josh Steadman at Evermore Park

A.D. Cook, Beti Kristof, Josh Steadman at Evermore Park

Special thanks to Josh Steadman, Designer
Crista Sapp, VP of Operations

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