Our new Facebook page is live. About time, we know. But with all the hoopla going on with the Social Media giant and the changes happening online, we decided to focus our attention elsewhere for a while.

By elsewhere, we mean writing our book, designing the book and its cover art, and designing and launching DreamToLaunch.com, along with a couple great speaking gigs. Online we’ve been sharing or progress on the Twitter/DreamToLaunch and on Instagram@DreamTolaunch.

Facebook logoBut now the time has come to get engaged on Facebook (and elsewhere/everywhere) and share our DREAM TO LAUNCH story with you, wherever you are. After all, it’s a fun story and Facebook is part of that story in some ways. Those of us who know us know that we’ve been sharing our Dream To Launch story on our individual pages at Facebook/ADCookArt and Facebook/BetiKristof. Over the last year or so, the DTL project has grown fast and deserves its own page. And we have YOU to thank for that


BTY, Facebook is a huge platform. With more than 2.2 billion daily active users they are the largest Social Media platform in the world > SEE CURRENT  INTERNET STATS at InternetLiveStats.com.


We appreciate your visits to our Facebook page.

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