Page one. Blank canvas. A quick note on a cocktail napkin. Everything starts somewhere. The beginning…

DREAM TO LAUNCH is designed for dreamers, doers, and visionaries seeking a thorough path to completion with their ideas. We want to inspire you and get you to the next step and ultimately to market if that is your goal.

DREAM TO LAUNCH is your book of processes and creative solutions to get your dream realized.

How often do you find yourself staring at a blank sheet of paper or your computer and ask, “Where do I begin?” Sometimes it just seems impossible to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. We’ve all been there with our million dollar ideas doodled on a napkin. And how many best-selling novels are sizzling deep within us? But, that is all too often where our dreams stay. Not knowing the next step, we stop dead in our tracks, set our dreams aside, or even worse, bury them under a pile of shudda, whoulda, and coulda.

Maybe you’ve put off your big dream project because it seems overwhelming. Maybe you’re procrastinating because you think your dream is out of reach. It’s not. Or maybe you just don’t know exactly where to start. Perhaps, you’re afraid. We get that. Blank pages can be terrifying, even to seasoned writers. Big empty walls can challenge the most accomplished of artists. The hurdles of reality and daunting To Do lists can stop any would-be entrepreneur in his tracks and resign themselves to a career building someone else’s dream.

So what about your dreams? And what about your great idea? We all have them rolling around in our heads until something about them resonates with us. We ponder over them until they become possible, in our minds. We envision developing them. The ideas that resonate with us become our dreams, which later manifest into reality.

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For more, read our book, DREAM TO LAUNCH by A.D. Cook + Beti Kristof

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