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We have lots of great stuff for you.

Be sure to enjoy our FREE Introductory Chapter from our new book, DREAM TO LAUNCH

Gain access to valuable RESOURCES including links to free services and tools, including great offers from mentor BRIAN TRACY.

DreamToLaunch - videoSpeaking of resources, our VIDEOS from ARTEXPO Las Vegas 2018 are now all online and free for the watching.

Our KEYWORDS LIST is straight out of the pages of our book, and includes a fun exercise we call “Shake it up and make it up.”

The DTL BOOKS AND BEYOND page features a selection of some of our favorites.

Our BLOG is a blast! Stay tuned as we add guest posts and creative stories.

Visit our PRESS page for articles featuring A.D. & Beti and their art, including our stories in L’Vegue magazine.

Also, we hope you enjoy a peek at Beti’s coffee table book, Persephone and Polka Dot Shoes. In many ways, this is the project that kicked off Beti’s and A.D.’s creative energy exchange. (more later on that)

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