Recently, we had the privilege of working with poker legend Phil Hellmuth in creating a series of videos to compliment his new book, #POSITIVITY, How to Achieve Great Things in Life!

Before meeting with Phil, I had the pleasure of reading his book, and I gotta say, I enjoyed it a lot. I especially appreciated the openness and the simplicity of his message. What he’s sharing is not rocket science. That’s the beautiful thing about it. All you have to do is apply his principles in your life, and you too can experience the kinds of successes Phil has, and more. There is no limit to what your future holds.

“Phil Hellmuth has achieved extraordinary success as the world’s greatest poker player and deep personal fulfillment as a dedicated father and husband. In his powerful new book #POSITIVITY, he shares tips on how to realize your dreams.”

– Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Unshakable, philanthropist, and America’s number one business and life strategist 

Getting back to our time with Phil…

With his book finished, it was time to put together his video course. That’s where we came in.

We met with Phil at The fantastic Hotel Aria Resort and Casino overlooking the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, 30 floors up. (What a view! Phil stays at the Aria whenever he’s in town to win another bracelet in addition to his collection of 14 WSOP wins!). Phil attributes his success to the processes he uses in his #POSITIVITY book and video series.

#POSITIVITY How Achieve Great Things In Life from Phil Hellmuth on Vimeo.

Phil was ready, too. So, after a quick set-up, we started recording Phil as he shared his message of #POSITIVITY with us. Phil’s passion comes through in this new video series, where he shares insights about writing down your life goals, how to “bathroom mirror” your yearly goals and blessings, creating your pyramid for success, honoring your code, opening doors of opportunity and his insights on how hate hurts you. Phil’s book and video course will help you become successful and you’ll learn how to deal with your new success. Get #POSITIVITY at