Years ago, I was working in my studio, and a friend stopped by to visit. I continued to paint as he expressed that he was somewhat impressed with my undertaking of my larger than life celebrity wall murals, some measuring upwards of three hundred square feet. Back then I ran the art department and was painting dozens of movie murals for the fast-growing Hollywood Video stores. He shared with me that he always wanted to write a book, but was overwhelmed with the thought of taking on such a massive project. He asked for my thoughts. I said, “Start with page one… at the beginning, but with the end in mind.”

Everything starts at the beginning. Whether you are creating a mural, writing a book, starting a family, or launching a business — it’s all the same.

I always enjoyed painting long hours in the studio. The huge blocks of time that I dedicated to painting my murals helped me refine my skills and create processes.

That’s what this website, is all about. The beginning. We’re here to help you get started by taking your thoughts from simple sketch to finished product, and get your ideas off the ground!