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Over 70 million people and businesses trust Vimeo. We love Vimeo, so make that 70 million and one.

Vimeo is a great place for uploading and sharing videos, but it’s also a cool community of video creators and has tons of powerful tools for people who make videos for a living. With Vimeo Plus and PRO, you get up to 20GB/week of storage, powerful stats tools, advanced privacy options, and more.

Vimeo was born in 2004, created by a group of filmmakers who wanted an easy and beautiful way to share videos with their friends. Word started to spread, and an insanely supportive community of creators began to blossom. Now Vimeo is home to more than 70 million creators worldwide.
A.D. Cook on Vimeo

A.D. Cook on Vimeo

We’ve been Vimeo users for years – partly for the ease of use, their great content, and clean interface. Watch our videos at