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Albert Einstein was a genius and so were Thomas Alva Edison and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What set these people apart from the rest and made them achieve what they did? It’s pretty simple really. They were all wise enough to know that nobody does it alone. Each and every one of them was part of a greater mastermind.

Finally… discover the true secret to struggle and tapping into the purpose, power, and prosperity that is waiting for you — and only you.

Bill Heinrich, “The Divine Purpose Guy

Gain knowledge and support from a group

Access other members specialties to obtain advice

Networking  |  Relationships  |  Sphere of Influence Introductions

Positive Support  |  Encouragement  |  Accountability

Business | Personal  |  Social | Spiritual

Achieve levels of success that you never dreamed possible

Double, triple or 10X your income

A.D. Cook, Dream Facilitator


Artist, writer, and designer,

The How to Guy, A.D. Cook, has worked on countless creative projects in the software, entertainment, art materials, and automotive industries in the development of ideas, creating products and taking them to market, from concept-to-completion.

A.D. is a co-creator of DREAM TO LAUNCH, a creative approach and step-by-step process designed to get your project off-the-ground and your big dream realized.

Bill Heinrich, The Divine Purpose Guy


A lot of people have asked me how I got into coaching people around their True Life Purpose. After all, I certainly didn’t look like the “woo-woo” guru type. I’ve been a successful businessman and have owned my own businesses since I was 25.

I have made money. But I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was miserable. So I decided to change my life because I knew there was something more that I was called to do. So I began my spiritual quest, initially retreating alone to a beach in Mexico. This transitioned into a twenty-year (+) journey that led me through a transformation, which still continues today.

During this time, I discovered a talent for accessing and working with energy and coaching people who were going through the same kind of soul-searching I have done for over 20 years, and I am hooked! Because this is my gift to share with the world, this is my True Life Purpose.

When you are living your True Life Purpose Now the only outcome can be unlimited abundance.

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