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What happens when you discover how to set your dreams in action? Your dreams are an abundant source of inspiration for you, today and your future. Begin your journey and step into real-world applications to make your big dream your reality.

These days of economic, social and environmental uncertainty and skepticism, you may have sensed that there has got to be something more, something complex, vast and amazing that resides in you? A dream you have always envisioned but were reluctant to start.

Or maybe you don’t know how.

Dream to Launch will help you start the process and tap into your joy, your creative, and allow yourself to trust and nurture unrealized skills and talents. In defining your dream, recognizing your purpose, why you’re here and what to do, serves for a higher awareness of your potential.

Our workshop naturally divides itself into three sections. The first section is the non-physical, what we call the ‘heart and soul’. This is the beginning, the foundation of the entire book and where we address how to seek a more fulfilling connection to your creative for allowing personal clarity to be explored.

Why aren’t you already making your big dream happen?

We will be investigating this question and a few more during this section of the workshop. Getting out of your head and getting into your creative accelerates your personal potential. Stop yielding to your excuses and self-doubt and start allowing the ease and flow of your higher self to take you on a joyous journey to fulfill your desires and dreams.

The midsection of the book, the body, is all about facilitating you to move your dream to reality. This section will address the importance of action steps! Sure, yes action steps, but do you know where to start. Many motivational groups get together and motivate, yet leave you hanging when it comes to “how to” get to the next step. And often other programs leave you with volumes of information, but how to apply that information sometimes leaves you unmotivated. We intend to offer simple suggestions and choices, through practical experience, example and stories and guide you on a logical path to understanding your options.It is all about getting your big dream poised and ready for its debut.

The last section, we shall call the brain section. This logical section is where we unclutter the clutter in your brain. We get to the practical application of design, marketing, and the interweb and the intricacies of how they all ties together. It might seem overwhelming at first glance, and to be perfectly honest, done right, it is. Which begs the question, How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time. All this takes time and patience, and doing the exercises makes some of the mysteries disappear as you understand why launching your product needs to be released to the world, and how the world will see it.

In his keynotes and workshops, A.D. presents audiences and participators a new awareness of how powerful they can be by understanding the internet and why creatives and businesses alike need.

A.D. is an enlightening speaker with a humorous yet practical approach. Audiences feel empowered, educated and enlightened accelerating their personal transformation that allows for their biggest breakthroughs in the workplace and in life.

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